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Age spots and hyperpigmentation are a protective response from skin inflammation caused by the sun, hormones, or toxins. Shop our products for hyperpigmentation and age spots to heal the underlying skin or liver wound, repair DNA, and minimize hyperpigmentation.

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Infuse Nutrient Mist
Infuse Nutrient Mist Sale price$29.00
StemFactor Growth Factor Serum
Purify Enzyme Cleanser
Purify Enzyme Cleanser Sale price$28.00
Boost - Peptide Activating Mist
Perfection Pigment Corrector
Immune Activator
Immune Activator Sale price$120.00
Hormone Relief Elixir
Hormone Relief Elixir Sale price$48.00
Catalyst DNA Repair C Serum
Catalyst DNA Repair C Serum Sale priceFrom $24.00